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沙土 - SaTO -
SaTO by Sari Shimada


Wall Art 作品が 第78回 現展 に入選し、俊英作家企画に選ばれました。


My wall art work has been selected for 78th Art GENTEN exhibition. Works was on display at National Art Center, Tokyo from June 1st to June 13th, 2022. Exhibition ended.
I'm making wall art for some client so I have stopped accepting new orders.

Wall Art


It is a wall art work made of pottery. It expresses the natural shape while leaving the color and texture of the soil. I would be happy if you could decorate it with the attractive shapes of plants created by nature such as air plants and dried flowers, add your own arrangements, and enjoy the changes. Although it is made of pottery, it is light and easy to hang on the wall.


燻 - IBUSHI -


IBUSHI -Smoked -

I wanted to make black earrings with a dry and sharp atmosphere. I made it by taking advantage of the black and matte texture of the glaze called smoked black. Small and light earrings that won't get in the way even if you wear them for a long time. As it is a unisex design, it is also recommended as a men's earring.


沙土 -SaTO - では陶器製のウォールアート作品と

SaTO sells pottery wall art works and accessories.

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